Arrive in style,
park securely and
recharge your


“Step out of the car and into pleasure.”

Travel conveniently by car to Rothenburg and enjoy the luxury of your own parking space
at the heart of the historic old town. The hospitable Hotel Altes Brauhaus has an
underground car park with 20 parking spaces directly in the hotel.
Simply park your car and our lift will take you to the lobby.
An additional 17 parking spaces are located directly outside the hotel. For a little fee you can rent a parking directly at the front desk.

Electric cars or e-bikes
are always welcome

The hotel is equipped with modern facilities for electric vehicles.
Charger stations are located on the car park and can be used for a fee. 

Further parking options, also for minibuses, are available in our secure barn
two buildings away. So if you are looking for a location for your next group outing,
look no further than the Altes Brauhaus.
And if you’re only passing through, you don’t need to completely unpack the car,
safe in the knowledge that your car and your belongings are secure.

Vintage car enthusiasts can also park their cars with confidence,
knowing their valuable car is in safe hands.

Enjoy an unforgettable stay.
Welcome to the Altes Brauhaus.