Discover all that
the region has to offer

The lovely Tauber valley

Discover a wealth of extraordinary and inspiring sights as you travel down
the Romantic Road from Würzburg to the famous fairy-tale castle at Neuschwanstein,
or the “Castle Road” (Burgenstrasse) from Mannheim to Prague.

Explore Hohenlohe Franken, the Altmühl Valley, the Tauber Valley and Hegereiterland.
Whether you are travelling by motorbike, convertible or vintage or veteran car,
this route opens up a whole new world of European history to travellers who will be
fascinated by its medieval charm and stunning vistas.

And after exploring the landscape of this genuine pleasure route,
your «treasure» will be safe and sound in our private underground car park.
And more close to home, just outside the city walls of Rothenburg,
you will be enthralled by the local wine festivals and “Heckenwirtschaften”
small, traditional Franconian taverns where winegrowers showcase their wines.
Savour local specialities, such as fresh trout and carp dishes, asparagus and wild garlic,
tender local lamb and spicy bratwurst sausage, paired with one of
our famous Franconian wines (or a fresh cold beer, if you prefer!).

Be sure to not to miss these culinary delights – you won’t regret it!

near Rothenburg

The area is ideal for all kinds of outings and those venturing beyond
the well-fortified walls and towers of this medieval city, will be enchanted
by the regions very diverse landscapes.

Take in the fresh air while rambling, walking, hiking, biking and bathing –
or see the locality from a whole new perspective – in a hot air balloon or on the back of a horse.
Each season has its own special attractions:
Play tennis in the fresh spring air, enjoy a picnic under magnificent shady trees in summer,
play golf in the fall against a rich tapestry of winter.

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